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What's The Process of Making a Video?

If you’re interested in having a video made for the first time, it’s a good idea to understand how it all works. Here is the process of our video production to ensure you receive the video you want in 6 easy steps.

First, decipher your goal for the video. A video can go in infinite directions depending on the goal you have in mind. Common goals for marketing videos are to:

  • Attract people to your website/sales page

  • Inform clients on how your business works

  • Market a holiday promotion

  • Grow client confidence or trust

Second, narrow down on your audience. This can be as simple as your organic Facebook followers or as detailed as your ad campaign targeted interests. Also, knowing where the video is going to be published is very important to know for length and dimensions.

Third, we brainstorm your concept! Now that we know the end goal and audience, we can start building a story or framework for the video. For example, if you’re goal is to inform clients on a new software development and you want to target avid users of your existing software, we would outline the software updates and how it affects the clients.

Fourth, we write a script or storyboard. If it’s a narrative video with actors and/or voiceover, we write! If it’s animated, we create a storyboard! This ensures we are creating a video that is stylistically appropriate and conveys all the necessary information.

Fifth, we create! Depending on the video, we either begin animating or begin filming. This could include filming, editing sound, color, graphics, hiring a voice actor, licensing music, animating, and more! We follow the agreed upon script/storyboard and deliver a first draft. With two sets of revisions, we finish up the project by sending you a high quality link to your video download.

Finally, you implement it! Now that you’ve got your awesome video, it’s time to share it with the world in the way that it’s going to serve your original goal.

If you’re interested in creating a new video, let us know at and we’ll gladly give you a free quote!

Thanks for reading!

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