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Creating a Visually Engaging Animated Explainer

Marketing is all about grabbing your audience’s attention in order to sell your product, and with so many companies understanding the importance of video to grow their audience, this can feel harder than ever.

The best way to stand out in a saturated market is by creating a visually engaging video.

Understanding the right animation style for your video is important, whether that be 2D, 3D or Whiteboard Animation, which we cover in our blog post here, but what I’m talking about is a little more specific.

After you’ve chosen the right animation style, it's important to wow your audience by narrowing down the look and feel of the video to match not only your brand but the message.

Understanding Your Brand’s Voice

Your brand’s voice is the personality that shines through your brand’s marketing. This can refer to the copy of an email marketing campaign, the topic of a billboard ad or, in our case, can also be translated through a video’s visual style.

When done right, we all intuitively know what a brand’s voice is, even if we aren’t conscious of it.

Their brand colors, the jokes they tell, the adjectives they choose to use, even the music they feature, all contribute to their voice. Take a look at a few of our favorite examples of brand voice:

Apple - Clean & Confident

Old Spice - Outlandish & Comical

Squarespace - Approachable & Breezy

For our own explainer video, we wanted to match our lighthearted and fun brand voice by using cute characters and lots of motion to explain who we are and what we do.

The Bear's Den - Lighthearted & Fun

What Is Your Message?

The message of your specific video should also influence your thoughts on the visual style of the video.

Your message can rely heavily on story, like how you came up with the idea of your company from a dream you had. Or it can feature scientific explanations, like how the specific ingredients in your product help moisturize skin cells.

These messages will be able to help shape the visual style of your video, whether that’s colorful and dreamlike or technological and 3D.

In this example, Cyberscout wanted to create a video for Employee Benefit Brokers to understand what was important in choosing a voluntary benefits carrier partner. This included a lot of detailed statistics and examples to help support their message. Because of this, we thought it would be perfect to mirror the look and feel of the video to different styles of infographics that would supplement the stats provided.

Check out the final video here:

Cyberscout - Reliable & Helpful

Standing Out

One of our most recent animated explainer videos was one we created for Revolution Tea, who approached us wanting to tell the story of the origins of tea. We immediately fell in love with this idea and knew this could be a very visually engaging story.

After taking a look at their site, branding and overall voice we knew this company was welcoming, warm and calm- not unlike their tea!

We also felt like the message was a tribute to the beginnings of tea in ancient China and how Revolution Tea continues the traditions of the early tea-making process. With this in mind, we thought to further the theme and pay homage to ancient China by creating the visuals in a similar fashion as early Chinese art with watercolor/ink wash and paper textures.

In the end we created an animated explainer that we felt matched the voice of their brand as well as clearly communicated the story in a style that we rarely see in an animated explainer, making it stand out from the rest.

Check it out below!

Revolution Tea- Welcoming & Wholesome

Now it's Your Turn!

We can also help you create a visually appealing video for your company.

We’ll create a script, full storyboard and multiple drafts to make sure your video turns out exactly how you wanted it - and of course, we’ll also match the visuals to your brand’s voice and the message you’d like to get across.

Click the link below to get started!

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