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Online & Software Companies

The Bear’s Den can create sleek and entertaining videos for your online business. Our team has created videos for industry leaders in cybersecurity, account management, and more. We handcraft videos that fit your goals, brand, and industry. Reach your desired audiences with videos like these.


Vixxo is a leading facilities management partner for companies throughout the United States and Canada. Their video needs are diverse from educating potential clients to recruiting skilled employees.


We've produced several videos for Vixxo, working with their marketing team to ensure the videos we created were on brand and helped them move forward with their specific goals. 


The majority of the videos we've produced for Vixxo have been 2D animation explainers that teach their audiences about their services and products. Other videos we've created needed a more personal touch, which is why we had our film crew go on location to film interviews and footage of the action to capture the company culture.

"We've worked with The Bear's Den team on numerous projects and each time, they have delivered! They are so easy to work with and with very little direction and oversight, were able to produce the end result we were looking for. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with Victor and the crew!"



When we film live-action videos, we always make sure we have all the background information we need to execute a great video. This includes having our director review and prepare questions for the interviews, having enough crew members on location to film what is needed, and strategizing with the client on the best way to get their vision made.

"The team at Bears Den thrives in their ability to make an idea come to life. As a marketer, I appreciate their thoughtful approach to understanding our brand and vision. I trust their expertise and look forward to continuing our partnership. Highly recommend!"



CyberScout is a leader in protecting individuals and businesses from hackers, theft, and more. They offer a large and diverse set of options for their customers, which is why they turned to video to communicate parts of their portfolio options as clear and succinct as possible.


We were able to create videos for CyberScout with already existing marketing material and turn it into visually appealing infographic-like videos that they were excited to share with their clients and leads.

Although all of these videos are for the same company, we were able to be creative with the animation styles of each video while still being on brand. 


The line art for this video was inspired by CyberScout's own white page designs on the topic and they loved the idea of having the same style for their supplementary video.

5 out of 5 stars for Quality, Pricing, and Responsiveness



JAR is a project management software made by creatives for creatives. The parent company, Design Pickle, wanted to reach creatives in a new way and needed a video to explain what Jar offered.


The Bear's Den created this demo to demonstrate the key parts of Jar and the benefits creatives can have for using the service. We worked with the CEO to develop the right animation style they were looking for that differentiated their design brand from their software.

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