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The Bear’s Den can create fun and interesting videos that target your audiences pain point and show why your service is their easy solution. We've created videos for several marketing companies that have been used on their social media, websites, and emails to turn leads into paying customers.

Design Pickle

Design Pickle is the #1 cloud-based graphic design service. We've created videos with them to turn skeptical small business owners into excited advocates. With Design Pickle, we worked with pre-recorded footage, stock footage, and new footage that we filmed as well. The mix of media allowed us to be more flexible with the edits as well as with the budget.

From concept to export, we've worked with ranging budgets to create video campaigns that excite and trigger their audience into making a buying decision, while also staying on-course with their fun "pickle-y" company culture.


BizPAL is a professional recruiting business for HVAC, Construction, Landscaping businesses. They focus on online advertising to find and vet qualified recruits. We've created a variety of videos for BizPAL, ranging from straightforward explainer ads to social proof building ads like this one, with audio testimonials and small visual effects to make the audio more engaging.

We've also created a video for BizPAL's clients', working with a mix of stock footage and photos, we created short video advertisements for BizPAL to use to recruit hires for his clients.

"The quality of the video was excellent and Janett did an amazing job of listening to my vision for the video and creating it and she did it absolutely PERFECTLY!"


SCP Marketing

SCP Marketing are experts in brand identity, marketing, and content strategy, and just like the clients they serve, they need to continuously market themselves online. We created social media videos for SCP Marketing that share their best client testimonials.

Let's start talking about your next video.
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