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Reach Millions of People by Creating a YouTube Ad Campaign

YouTube has over 1 billion unique users every month! Like we mentioned in our free e-book, YouTube ads grab and hold more attention than TV ads, with 83% of ad time getting the viewer’s attention.

Let’s break down YouTube advertising and how you can create an ad for your business.

Building Your Ad

YouTube allows you to decide where you want the viewer to go after seeing your ad. You can either direct them to your website or your YouTube channel. If you send them to your website, you can have them explore your service or products more, capture their email with a lead magnet, etc. If you send them to your YouTube channel, this can help increase your views, shares, and subscribers.

With YouTube ads you can decide who you advertise to, similar to other social media advertising platforms. You can decide to advertise to people based on location, age, gender, income, interests, and more!

There Are 3 Types of YouTube Video Ads

TrueView In-Stream video ads play before a YouTube video. These ads are skippable with a “Skip Ad” button appearing after 5 seconds. These ads are pay per view and views are defined after a viewer watches 30 seconds of the video, the entire ad, or clicks on the ad.

TrueView Discovery ads appear as a sponsored suggested video on the YouTube homepage or in search results. A view is registered as soon as a viewer clicks to watch the video.

Bumper ads are 6 seconds long. They are non-skippable like Pre-Roll ads but are pay per view like TrueView ads.

YouTube advertising sounds great, but what would MY video be?

The idea of making a video can be overwhelming, but don’t worry! First, check out some of these awesome YouTube ads for some inspiration and to get the ideas rolling!


This ad is fun, interesting, and explains exactly what Spotify is in an entertaining and non-conventional way. This animated video uses typography, which is a style primarily using text that keeps viewers attention for the entire video. The snappy text and high energy animation is a great way to increase brand awareness and brand affinity.

Tuft & Needle

This ad is concise while delivering some great information. It uses humor and calls attention to traditional ways of buying a mattress that people hate. Thanks to YouTube advertisements, “soon a million people will be sleeping” on their mattresses.

How Did Tuft & Needle Do It?

“Video was the most powerful way to show the stark difference between our authentic approach and the traditional mattress industry’s gimmicks. And video ad targeting helped us reach likely customers – people visiting our website, looking for real estate or doing searches like “best mattress.” Starting on a budget of just $50-$100 a day, we now dedicate half of our Google advertising to YouTube – it gets results.” - T&N Owners

Now, let’s talk about the videos YOU want to create!

Figure Out the Goal - Do you want people to go to your website? Visit your store? Make an appointment? Fill out a survey? Define the end goal.

Hook the Audience- Whether your video is a 6-second bumper or a longer video, you want to make sure the viewer is hooked off the bat. This can be done by calling attention to a problem, making a bold statement, etc.

Determine Your Call-To-Action - This is the last thing you tell your viewer to encourage them to take action. It can be “Visit Our Website” or “Sign Up Now” or “Use XYZ for 15% off”. It’s great to offer viewers a special offer like a discount or something to entice them to take action now.

Be Creative - Think about what makes your company stand out and why it’s special. That can include your company culture, use of humor, important facts about your product, an interesting testimonial, or something else. This seems like a no-brainer but this can be difficult to do.

We’d love to help you get your first YouTube ad rolling and ready to go! Contact us to get started on your video idea and get a quote today! We can create an awesome customized animated video for you to use in your YouTube ad, channel, website, social media, etc.​


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