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The Importance of Storyboards

The creative process can range from person to person, but usually in the process of making an animated video, it goes a little like this:

1. Script

2. Storyboard

3. Animate!

That's the barebones of it but you get the idea. In this blog post, we're going to focus on #2, Storyboarding!

A storyboard, like the one shown below, is a visual outline that shows what the video will look like from beginning to end.

It's as if you took a frame from each scene of the video and laid them out in order with the script to demonstrate what the video will look and feel like.

(Image: Example of a storyboard page we developed)

Establishing a Style

Storyboarding is such an important step in making a video that EVERYONE is in onboard and in love with.

Many different visuals and interpretations can come from a single script, which is why it's important to establish the visuals before animating.

A Storyboard establishes Characters

Environments & Backgrounds

Text Style

Transitions and the other necessary visuals for the video.

Giving Feedback

If you see something in the storyboard you don't love, this is a great point in the process to make those changes before any animating or editing has taken place.

For example, if your video called for a Santa Clause type character, someone could interpret it in any of these ways or something completely different. This is the perfect step to give feedback on the visuals and make sure your Santa looks just like you'd like him to!

How Do We Create Our Storyboards?

There are different ways to create a storyboard - sketches on paper, digital drawings, a collection of photographs, etc. At The Bear's Den, we create our storyboards digitally to replicate the exact way your animated video will appear once it's done.

We use Adobe Illustrator to create storyboards and send them to our clients in an easy-to-read PDF document. Under each frame, we include the part of the script that will be narrated during that animation and any important notes to be aware of.

(Image: Example of a storyboard page we developed)

We take a lot of pride in the detail and quality we put into creating each video. It's important to us that our clients are excited and happy about their videos and we accomplish that in each step of our process.

If you're looking for an animation company for your next video, click here to get more information and see if we're a good fit. We'd love to work with you on your next project!

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