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A “Bear-y” Fresh New Animated Explainer Company

Video: The Bear's Den Entertainment Animated Explainer

The Bear’s Den Entertainment was formed in 2017 in Tempe, Arizona by two ASU college students, Janett Salas and Victor Vargas, with an ambitious goal to take their passion of film and make it into a tool businesses across the country can use to grow and share their vision.

Photo: Victor Vargas filming a Tiki Luau for Arizona State University

“We started with working on small projects for event companies and it slowly grew into telling larger stories in the form of documentaries or company overviews. We loved the reactions clients got from seeing their videos exactly how they envisioned them and that gave us ammo to continue to grow our video production company.”, said Janett, the co-owner of The Bear’s Den Entertainment.

Video: "The Man Behind the Suit" Trailer

The first grand project the two co-founders worked on was a documentary on the life of Robert DeProspero, “The Man Behind the Suit.” Mr. DeProspero wanted to share his life story with others, and most importantly his family, and they were up for the challenge. The film went on to premiere at festivals like The Phoenix Film Festival and The International Richmond Film Festival.

“Every year, we’ve created a narrative film that we enter into film festivals and share with our audiences. This year, we’re excited to share something new we’ve been working on with a lot of Arizona talent.”, said Victor about their short film, “Waffle”.

Photo: Victor Vargas directing "Waffle" short film

As of today, The Bear’s Den Entertainment has helped dozens of companies and people tell their story on video and have been rated 5 out 5 by clients, many of which come back for more videos! “We've worked with The Bear's Den team on numerous projects and each time, they have delivered! They are so easy to work with and with very little direction and oversight, were able to produce the end result we were looking for. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with Victor and the crew!” said Joanna from Vixxo.

Video: Vixxo Animated Explainer

Janett and Victor love getting the opportunity to impact small and large businesses alike with their live and animated videos. “We’ve been working our way into the animated explainer side of video more and more because we had the skills and expertise to do so and saw a gap in the industry. Too many companies were charging unbelievably high prices and were delivering low-quality videos. It seemed like companies didn’t have a reliable animated explainer company to go to, so we decided to step into the market.” said Janett.

The Bear’s Den is excited to share their own explainer video and welcomes anyone looking for a fresh new way to share their story.

For more information on how to get your own animated explainer video, click here!

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