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Whiteboard Training Videos for Clients and Employees

Whiteboard Training videos are a great and simple way to communicate a complex idea with clients and employees.

Rather than sending your employees a huge training manual or boring them with powerpoint presentations for 8 hours, you can use a whiteboard training video to liven up the content and teach them important information that they can retain. But it’s not a highly produced video with actors or intense animation that might not communicate everything as efficiently.

It’s a good in between, and that’s why it’s so popular!

Check out this video to learn more about whiteboard training videos! See what I did there?

Benefits of White Training Videos for Employees and Clients


  • Offer a diverse training program for new hires or continual training that is visual and increases content retention.

  • Help visual learners grasp ideas and policies better.

  • Allow employees to review and return to the same content as many times as they need, avoiding a trainer needing to repeat themselves and conserve time.

  • Avoid misinformation after initial training by having a video employees can refer to whenever they need.


  • Convert leads to clients quicker by relaying all the information they need to make a sales decision in a quick and entertaining way.

  • Educate clients in an effective way for your onboarding process or for FAQ’s.

  • Give your customer services team resources to refer clients to for information about a process or problem.

  • Provide your sales team a valuable resource to nurture a lead.

If you're interested in getting a whiteboard training video for your company that can benefit your clients or your customers, we'd love to help you with that. Contact us or send in a request to get started!

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