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The Secret of Snackable Videos

Every marketer knows that video is a necessary component in most content marketing strategies. According to Hubspot, 43% of consumers want to see more video content from marketers.

Creating a video marketing strategy is important to truly drive a message forward. But not all marketers know that in order to get the most value out of their videos, their video content shouldn’t be one-off videos.

One-off videos are essentially stand alone videos that are not part of an overarching campaign or strategy. It is a single video ad that doesn’t tie in to another video or content piece. It is a single how-to video that does not continue onto the next component in a different video but in fact is a 30 minute or an hour how-to video that drains the attention out of the viewer and makes them click away as fast as they notice the length.

The secret is making “snackable videos” that people can watch in a short period and still receive the message that you are promoting. Many people want to jump on making multiple one-off videos and forget that marketing is all about telling a story with your brand. Also, one-off videos can often be long and full of information that the average consumer wouldn’t want to watch in the sitting. It’s much easier to digest a short 30 second to 2 minute video than it is a 10 minute video or longer.

Think about when was the last time you watched a 15 minute video and when was the last time you watched a 15 second video? It’s more likely that you’ll watch a dozen 15 second videos before sitting through an entire 15 minute video.

Whether your goal is to build brand awareness or educate consumers about your service or product, “snackable videos” are a great way to share your message in a way consumers will actually watch.

This strategy also allows you to get specific. Blanket videos that are trying to serve a universal audience tend to help noone. If you break up your videos in smaller sections, you can be more specific in each video you want and serve each on of your audiences better.

For example, if you wanted to create a video showing how people can use your digital planning service, Planner 2.0, you could make a long video, or you can make these videos:

1. How Marketers Can Use Planner 2.0

2. How Business Owners Can Use Planer 2.0

3. How Managers Can Use Planner 2.0

4. How Students Can Use Planner 2.0

Now, you can be more specific to each market audience and hit target pain points per audience that can help drive your message home!

To get started on your “snackable videos”, contact The Bear’s Den Entertainment!

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