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How To Attract Your Audience

To get potential clients to buy your product or service, you first need to romance them. There's this marketing concept that is outlined below as a funnel. This funnel is taught in many ways, with added phases, different verbiage, etc. But the basics are all the same.

First people have to know about your business. Then they need to consider your business if they have the need. Then they have to have the intent to chose your business over others.

How this translates to marketing is simple. First you need to advertise to them so they know you exist. This can be through social media, either free posts or through ads. Press coverage, word of mouth, business cards and flyers are all other ways to generate traffic that will hopefully get them to your website to learn more.

Once they know about you, you need to give them a reason to stay engaged. You may offer quality video content and interesting information that pertains to them specifically. This could also include a demo video about your service or a free download/eBook.

Finally, you give them a reason to become a client. This can be a holiday sale, free consultation, setting an appointment via website, etc.

Consider what works for your business and give them a try!

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