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Narrative Films

Check, Please!

Check, Please! Poster

Gabe has been stood up, so his friend Ralph decides to set him up on a blind date so his table won't go to waste. When that date doesn't go so smooth, Ralph keeps bringing him more blind dates, which has Gabe begging for the check.

Genre: Romantic Comedy

2017, Premiered at Phoenix Film Festival


P.A.T.R.I.O.T short film poster

After Melany finds out about the kidnapping of her mom, a former employee of the government who went into hiding, Melany decides to take action and expose government secrets in order to shed light on the kidnapping and get her mom back.

Genre: Political Thriller

2016​, Released

The Man Behind the Suit 

The Man Behind the Suit movie poster

The Man Behind the Suit: a documentary on Robert DeProspero is about a highly successful former Secret Service Agent, Robert DeProspero, who held one of the most stressful and demanding positions in our society, the Special Agent in Charge of the Presidential Protective Division during the Reagan years. This documentary is not only about the life of an agent that worked in close proximity with President Reagan, but also about the trials and tribulations he encountered while living three lives; that of a professional, a wrestling coach, and a dedicated father.


Genre: Documentary (Biography)

2016 , Premiered at Richmond International Film Festival

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